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Live Christmas trees are a renewable resource, with hundreds of thousands of acres dedicated to their growth. Christmas tree farms raise and harvest different varieties of trees, virtually eliminating the harvesting of trees in the wild, which can deplete valuable forests.

Most types of real Christmas trees take approximately seven years to reach maturity, and for every tree that is harvested, anywhere from one to three more seedlings are planted. Check out our guide about the benefits of real versus artificial Christmas trees.

Recycling programs located in most communities turn your used tree into useful mulch. Many of our locations offer Christmas tree recycling free of charge. Call your local store to find out if they are participating. In some areas, recycled trees are also being used to create habitats for fish and other aquatic life in local ponds and lakes, as well as helping to slow erosion.

When you choose from the different types of Christmas trees below, consider this important part of its life cycle.

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